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Registration for Celebration is NOW OPEN

Pastors and wives of the WLS classes 1984, 1994, 2009, and 2016 are invited to register now for their respective Celebration of Ministry retreat.

Upcoming CE Opportunities

Enroll NOW for an upcoming course. Online and on campus courses are both available; registration is open for Wintertim 2019  and Spring Online 2019.

Ministry Grants Awarded

Again this year, a retired pastor and his wife have made two $500 gifts to Grow in Grace in order to encourage pastors and lay leaders to grow together in ...

Archaeology Tour of Israel

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, working with WLC, MLC, LPS and MLS will offer a 12-day archaeological study tour to Israel, June 1-12, 2019. This is open for all WELS/ELS called workers ...


Grow in Grace was established in 2010 to strengthen and expand how WLS offers resources and support for the growth of pastors in all their God-given callings with a special emphasis on spiritual and professional growth.



Grow in Grace delivers informal resources useful for individual or group study that assist pastors to grow in all their callings.

Preach the Word – November/December

Volume 22, Number 2 Apologetics in Preaching: Prophecies Fulfilled in Real History To some apologetics is a dirty word. The obvious objection to apologetics is “What about faith?” This concern ...

Four Branches November 2018

Jump to: Exegetical Systematic Historical Practical   Exegetical Theology: Little Words, Big Worth - καί These last two months we’ve discussed how particles like ἀλλά and δέ help an exegete ...

Do You Love Your Hearers? Then Speak of God’s Judgment!

“Where never is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all…Sunday.”  Such is the current reality in many Christian pulpits.  In misguided love preachers wash from their ...

Luther and the Stories of God: Biblical Narratives as a Foundation for Christian Living

Robert Kolb (PhD, University of Wisconsin) is Mission Professor of Systematic Theology emeritus at Concordia Seminary and the author of numerous books.  Some readers of this review may recognize him ...