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Freshness & Variety in Proclaiming Law & Gospel

Instructor: Richard Gurgel

One of the greatest challenges in preaching is proclaiming pointed law and gospel drawn clearly from text and context. Every preacher knows how easily such law and gospel elements can become predictable caricatures and tired mantras that bore us even before they bore our hearers. This course will seek to refresh us as text after text reveals how to recapture the myriad of way Scriptures knows how to proclaim both law and gospel.

During Summer Quarter 2020, this course runs only one week, June 15 - 19, 2020.

During Summer Quarter Online 2020, this course runs from June 15 - August 7, 2020.

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: Preaching & Worship
Summer Quarter Credits: 2
Online Course Credits: 1.5
Tuition: $375
Course Number: WR9005
Syllabus: WR9005-Syllabus-Spring-2016.pdf
Course Credits: 1.5
Dates Term Location
06/15/2020 to 06/26/2020 Summer Quarter 2020 Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary View Courses
01/11/2016 to 03/11/2016 Spring Online 2016 Seminary Online View Courses
01/06/2014 to 02/28/2014 Spring Online 2014 Online View Courses