Pastoral Studies Institute

Pastoral Studies Institute

Welcome to the Pastoral Studies Institute of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in partnership with the Joint Mission Council.

The Pastoral Studies Institute exists to guide and assist non-traditional students through their pre-seminary and seminary training so they can become pastors in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

Are you interested in learning more about the path to pastoral ministry as a second career student? We are eager to encourage you and to help you work through questions or challenges. Please contact the director of the Pastoral Studies Institute, Dr. E. Allen Sorum, to begin the conversation.

We value the wonderful privilege of participating in this great work. Because many of our partners must exercise caution in their work, we are unable to publicly share all of the ways God is blessing our work. We pray, though, that this page informs you and encourages you.

Final GRATSI class: Acts 1-9

Final GRATSI class: Acts 1-9   Ongoing education is important for pastors in every country and church body. In WELS, the Grow in Grace team of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary serves ...

PSI Visits Bulgaria

  One of the most challenging responsibilities of our WELS Missions administration is to work with a national church body, almost always one that WELS Missions started, to figure out ...

Overseas Pastor’s Institute

  Last month, Professor Brad Wordell had the privilege of teaching the doctrine of conversion in a country in South Asia. "Whenever I visit one of our mission fields, goal ...

Celebration of ministry retreats

From April 18–20, Grow in Grace, the institute for pastoral growth at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, hosted over 200 people for the seventh annual Celebration of Ministry retreats. Held at the ...