PSI Courses

Non-Degree Courses

You do not need to be a PSI student to take advantage of these wonderful resources. You may take these courses for your own enrichment. You will not receive any credits from the PSI program, nor will you be charged any tuition. There will be no records of your progress or prowess. Enjoy!

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Bachelor of Divinity

Since PSI began in 2003, over 50 men have participated in the program. More than 30 have received diplomas and are now serving in Alaska, Thailand, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Texas, and Arizona.

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Bachelor of Theology

Due to the special circumstances of some satellite training program students, we offer a second track of study that results in a Bachelor of Theology (BTh). This track maintains the four levels of our current PSI Bachelor of Divinity track except that requirements in Greek and Hebrew are reduced. For these students, studying part-time for eight to ten years to work through the Greek and Hebrew courses raises the question of whether they could complete studies before age or health issues required them to retire. All BTh track students would be mature and dedicated Christian men who currently serve as pastors of their own congregations.

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Cristo Palabra de Vida

Since 2004, Cristo Palabra de Vida has trained men to become WELS pastors for Hispanic communities. Training is provided locally by WELS pastors, so students remain in their own cultural setting with their families and enjoy ministry opportunities in the congregations or mission fields where they live and study.

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