Bachelor of Theology – Level 4: Pastor

Upon completion of level four of the PSI program, the student will know his Bible, Lutheran doctrines in their historical context, the process of exegetical study, and the Greek and Hebrew language. The student will be able to use Greek and Hebrew to mine a text and assess his own vernacular translation, carry out exegetical study of Bible texts, serve as a stand-alone, confessional, evangelical Lutheran pastor, teach that confessional doctrine contextually, and model and mentor it locally. He will be able to preach, teach, and counsel others independently. The student’s attitude and character will be such that he is eager to collaborate with worldwide partners in ministry, desires to carry out the great commission, displays Christian character, desires continuing education, is evangelistic – mission and outreach minded, and is committed to the gospel.

These objectives will be attained through the completion of the following courses:





BT-Heb401: Hebrew

CH401: Formula of Concord

ST401: Christian Doctrine: Christology

PT401: Two Covenants

BT-Heb402: Hebrew Readings

ST402: Christian Doctrine: Soteriology

PT404: Leadership and Administration

BT-Grk401: 1 Corinthians in Greek

ST403: Christian Doctrine Eschatology

PT406: Mentoring

BT-NT402: Paul’s Epistles

PT405: Counseling II

BT-NT401: Romans in vernacular

PT403: Sermon Writing III